Quote of Note | Nicola Formichetti on Mugler

Looks from the fall 2011 Mugler ready-to-wear collection.

“My job was to resurrect the brand, and to pump it up and bring it to the new decade. I had this amazing history and archive, but there was nothing for me to work with to make it contemporary. For me, it was taking those amazing historical ideas and transforming them digitally. I design digitally, I communicate digitally, and I live digitally, and I wanted to incorporate that into the brand….I collaborate with everyone on the Web, and I design as a collaborative effort digitally with people located in all parts of the world. I’m not a designer. So even when I style or do projects, it’s a total collaboration with other people. That’s how I work.” —Nicola Formichetti, creative director of Mugler, in today’s Women’s Wear Daily

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