Quote of Note | Ron Arad

“It started as a studio piece. Not an industrial-production piece. I had a show in a gallery in Milan and I talked to Kartell about translating the Bookworm from steel to extruded plastic. I think that Kartell at the time got excited about it because they knew it was going to give them [press]. I don’t think that they believed that it was going to be their best-selling—not only my best-selling—product. And this is a product that if were to be assessed by a marketing board of any company it would get thumbs down immediately. Because the shelves are not parallel to each other, it’s very difficult to install. It takes two or three weekends if you are very good! But it offered people the illusion that they can take part in the cerative process and they can decide which shape the Bookworm will take.”

-Designer Ron Arad on the Bookworm shelf he designed in 1994

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