Quotes, Quizzes and Yearbooks on This Week’s List of Fastest-Gaining Facebook Apps by MAU

This week’s list of fastest-growing Facebook apps by monthly active users contains some interesting apps and games, but nothing that really jumps out. The first obvious change from last week is that Treasure Isle, the newest Zynga, has finally slowed down enough to drop to number two — although arguably on a technicality, since Static FBML is an in-house technical app for Facebook.

For a while, the second strongest grower behind Isle was Hotel City, which has now dropped down. It has been replaced by Big City Life, the latest game from Playdom and one that appears to have real potential. Here’s the full AppData top 20 list:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. Static FBML 61,265,720 +3,569,532 +6.19
2. Treasure Isle 27,574,650 +1,965,836 +7.68
3. Big City Life 1,100,090 +732,601 +199.35
4. Family Feud 4,288,196 +635,510 +17.40
5. Frases Diarias 2,018,095 +573,331 +39.68
6. Hotel City 13,765,019 +563,634 +4.27
7. Bola 2,259,042 +539,633 +31.38
8. Mall World 2,520,797 +521,739 +26.10
9. Kingdoms of Camelot 2,922,232 +470,984 +19.21
10. Profile Box 576,883 +466,604 +423.11
11. Causes 26,176,810 +435,196 +1.69
12. Quiz Planet! 4,791,026 +411,605 +9.40
13. Facebook for iPhone 33,985,098 +409,588 +1.22
14. Nightclub City 574,874 +404,859 +238.13
15. @Smiles 6,473,172 +396,128 +6.52
16. Name Analyzer 472,011 +295,527 +167.45
17. Yearbook 3,593,939 +283,287 +8.56
18. Monster World 251,457 +203,770 +427.31
19. iKarma 1,665,805 +201,678 +13.77
20. Jungle Life 337,089 +198,359 +142.98

Family Feud is quickly turning into Facebook’s biggest trivia game, a phenomenon that its publisher tried to explain last week. Looking down the list, there are several more interesting games, but we’ll save more coverage on them for our post on Inside Social Games.

Frases Diarias is the first non-game app that stands out; in Spanish, it follows the quote-of-the-day formula. A more interesting app is down at number 10: Profile Box, which first hit our radar last Friday. Profile Box is used to create custom HTML on user’s pages, but it’s not clear yet whether it really has that many new users or if, like Static FBML, it’s also signing up users who happen to see a modified profile.

Quiz Planet! is about a year and a half old, but it has had amazing longevity compared to most Facebook apps, hanging on to a fairly steady userbase for months at a time. The question is why it’s gaining now (it also added MAUs last week), even as competitors like Quiz Creator decline, as seen below. The answer could be new international users.

Lastly, we’ll point out Yearbook, which is taking over the limited market that created Facebook in the first place. Over the past month, it has added about a million new users. Look out, Classmates.com.