Rachel Dolezal Says Her Son Told Her It Was Time To ‘Say Something’

After causing a media firestorm, Dolezal went on whirlwind media tour to explain her side of the controversy.

After a bland interview with Matt Lauer and the Today show in which everyone walked away from their TVs just as confused as ever, Rachel Dolezal made her way to MSNBC for a sit down with Melissa Harris-Perry. During that interview, she said that it was her son who told her that she needed to “say something” after days of media frenzy and scrutiny over her years passing as a black woman.

Asked if she’s a con artist, Dolezal (of course) said no but says her history as an advocate for others-her family and through the NAACP-made it difficult for her to stand up for herself. “It came from a conversation with my oldest son who said, ‘This is getting so out of hand. Now’s the time when you should say something,'” said Dolezal.

Ultimately, what she’s saying is so baffling and convoluted that it’s hard to fully understand how she’s justifying the odd deception that’s she been living all these years. But fair to say she fell into the trap that many companies fall into when social media erupts with embarrassing or negative news. She stayed quiet for a long time in the hopes that it would somehow die down. Seeing that wasn’t going to be the case, she decided she did, indeed, have to speak out. Still, we’re sure plenty of people still have questions.

Based on the interview fragments posted on the MSNBC site, it’s clear that Dolezal was much more comfortable talking to Harris-Perry (ha) than Lauer. Nevertheless, the whole situation is just so strange and fascinating, you can’t help listening to both. Now that she has said her peace, let’s hope we can focus on other things and let her go about getting her identity and her family drama sorted out.

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