Adding More Colorful Shows

Launched this past summer, Internet broadcaster is the brainchild of Jake Belcher, Brant Thoman and Carl Kozlowski, a stand-up comic, film critic and arts editor for the Pasadena Weekly. For a fee of $50 per hour, a wide range of comics and entertainers have chosen to stream their programs through the Hollywood-based outlet. Alongside flagship podcast Grand Theft Audio, hosted by the station’s three co-founders.

There are currently 16 shows on the grid including weekly interview programs Name-Dropping with Jason Stuart, for which the openly gay comic (and SAG LGBT Committee chair) has talked to everyone from Hollywood writer Bruce Vilanch to actress Michelle Lee, and Inside Out with Joie Blaney. Come January, more impressive programming will be added.

Writer and executive producer Rick Najera (In Living Color), set next month to also direct another Diversity Sketch Comedy Showcase for CBS, will be starting up an interview program focused on ethnic and other diversity-spectrum entertainers. Two more programs being finalized are to be hosted by Puerto Rican comic Brenda Lamberty and African-American stand-up Laurence White.

“We are averaging anywhere from two to three thousand downloads on a program to 10,000 plus for Grand Theft Audio,” Kozlowski tells FishbowlLA via telephone. “And that’s without iTunes, which we’re not on yet but planning to join shortly. Overall, we’ve had more than 400,000 listeners on the site since launch.”

Kozlowski, who describes himself as a Libertarian, also hosts The Koz Effect Sunday evenings on For yesterday’s program, he anchored a tasteful right-leaning debate of the horrible mass shooting in Newtown. And tonight, it’s on to the lobby of Koreatown’s Gaylord Apartments to co-host a second-anniversary (non-broadcast) edition of Pajama Party with LA Weekly writer Adam Gropman.

“We have a manager from 3 Arts Entertainment coming down to see us,” Kozlowski says. “We’ve been talking with various people about the possibility of turning Pajama Party into a TV show. Our headline guest tonight is Justin Willman, host of Cupcake Wars.”

“What makes this live show unique is not just that Adam and I do it in our pajamas (Kozlowski lives in the complex),” he adds. “People also wander in from the elevator, off the street and the bar next door. In exchange for our promise to the landlords to keep it clean, anybody who comes into the lobby is fair game for our comic guests to take a shot at. We serve snacks, interview the comics about their acts… It’s a really good time.”

Current Pajama Party co-host Christina Myers is out of town and thus not part of tonight’s anniversary hijinks. Kozlowski, a native of El Cajon, grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas and trained with Second City Chicago before coming back to LA about ten years ago.

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@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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