Raise A Healthy Milk-Fed Baby In California Milk's New Facebook Game

The makers of the “Got Milk?” campaign – the California Milk Processor Board – are introducing a new campaign that uses television spots, a new web site, a Facebook Connect-enabled site and a Facebook game. The campaign is called “Mootopia”, and the game revolves around adopting a Mootopian baby and helping it grow into a strong, healthy adult by feeding it milk and taking care of it in other ways.

As the game begins, users are asked a few questions about themselves, something like a faux adoption test, and they’re then given a baby Mootopian, delivered via a winged cow-stork. Players name the child and then begin to feed it milk and watch as the child grows. Specifically the campaign focuses on the child’s teeth, muscles and hair as the areas that milk helps the most.

“No one needs to be told these days about the importance of social media,” says Steve James, executive director of the CMPB. “We chose to go with Facebook because it fits right into our target demographic for this campaign, which is moms and families. A wide range of people go onto Facebook so families can keep in touch, share news and photos, and play a game for a couple of minutes while they’re there. The beauty of the ‘Raise a Mootopian’ game is that you can do it with very little effort and very little time spent, but it keeps you coming back.”

The game was designed and developed by an external studio, Transistor Studios, and takes from the model of the various pet raising games available on Facebook. There’s no doubt that the CMPB has done their research to find a game that makes sense on social networks, although the problem is that their competition is stiff and the gameplay on this doesn’t really last too far past your first few tries. Only the users that desperately want to see the child grow will come back to the game, and seeing as there isn’t too much of a ‘fail’ in this game, there isn’t any obligation to check in.