Rand McNally Publishes eBook of Classic Road Maps

Even if getting lost is your kind of adventure, a good set of maps is indispensable when you are ready to get back to civilization. Unfortunately, even in the dense wi-fi regions of the Bay Area, a hike in the woods will mean leaving cellular coverage meaning apps like Google Maps become nearly useless.

Some drivers have resorted to maintaining paper maps for these special excursions, but that’s about to change thanks to Rand McNally’s  new eBook. The mapmaker is celebrating its 90th birthday with a great eBook (also as an iPad app) that gives you access to maps without a data connection. Unlike the original hand painted format (1924) that only showed paved roads, the updated version has various road types and terrain information for all 50 states with detailed maps of larger metropolitan areas and national parks. If you happen to wander north to Canada or South to Mexico, that’s also on there. Happy travels!

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