Is Randi Zuckerberg A Twitter Bully?

You’ve likely seen it reported countless times by now: Randi Zuckerberg, sister of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, screwed up the privacy settings on a family photo and it ended up on Twitter. And she got all shades of angry about it.

People are saying it isn’t news (though it so obviously is) or they’re having fun focusing on the hilarious irony of the slip-up and her reaction to it – but what about the poor woman who unintentionally shared this “private moment?”

Is Randi Zuckerberg a Twitter bully?

Callie Schweitzer has probably had better days. She’s the unintentional sharer of the Zuckerberg photo and the target of Randi Zuckerberg’s misguided hissy fit.

Here’s what happened: Schweitzer saw the photo pop up in her newsfeed and she shared it, assuming it was public. It was not, and Randi was not pleased.


But then, Forbes reports “Zuckerberg then realized that she had fallen prey to Facebook’s complicated privacy setting machinations. Perhaps with the help of the Facebook expert at hand, Zuckerberg figured out what had happened: Schweitzer is friends with one of the people in the photo, and so was able to see the otherwise private photo because a friend was tagged in it.”

Zuckerberg pulled back on her Internet road rage, and accepted Schweitzer’s apology in a tweet that she has since deleted:

And then she appears to have rethought the whole “letting this person off the hook” (once she knew it wasn’t her fault) and went on to bully Schweitzer into deleting the tweet (who has to be thinking ‘oh shit’ all day today. Poor her.) even though Zuckerberg HAD to have known it was immediately screenshot and shared web-wide. Come on.

After Schweitzer not only agreed, but did so graciously, Zuckerberg sent out this passive-aggressive, monumentally misdirected tweet:

As ReadWrite points out, in a piece that is hilariously dead-on: “Yes, she said that: human decency. Because this dumb issue about her dumb photograph is that important.”

It’s so important, in fact, that now Randi Zuckerberg, a not-universally-acclaimed aspiring chanteuse who rocks Silicon Valley with an awesome band called Feedbomb, as well as producer of a terrible reality series about Silicon Valley (See Bravo’s Silicon Valley: The Painful Truth Behind A Caricature Of Excess), as well as sister of the guy who created that beacon of morality known as Facebook, would like to use this as a teaching moment in which she can instruct the world about basic human decency.

And in case you missed it, in a tweet that has a definite ‘mean girl’ feel, after scolding ‘indecent people’ about respecting photo privacy, she tweets a friend about the many photos they plan to take.

An open challenge for folks to dare to share more of her private moments perhaps? Regardless, here’s hoping she understands Instagram’s settings better than Facebook’s.

P.S? If you don’t like her bullying tactics and exquisite overreaction to this whole bizarro thing, you’re a Twitter crazy.

It’s good to be a mean social networking queen, hmm?

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