Random House Lets Go of Styron eBook Rights

Here’s some big news in the ongoing battle between the old and the new: Random House has decided to stop fights for its claim on the eBook rights to much of William Styron’s backlist, meaning Open Road Integrated Media can go ahead with plans to publish eBooks of Styron’s books.

Here’s an excerpt from the New York Times report: “in a statement last week Stuart Applebaum, a spokesman for Random House, said the company was continuing talks with many authors or their estates about publishing e-books of their older works. ‘The decision of the Styron estate is an exception to these discussions,’ he said in an e-mail message. ‘Our understanding is that this is a unique family situation.'”

If they think they can keep the dam from breaking now that they’ve cracked it, they’re probably kidding themselves. Remember what happened when Amazon gave in to Macmillan–now Kindle books cost more.

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