Randy Cohen Looks for a New Path

The New York Observer caught up with Randy Cohen, the ex-Ethicist for The New York Times Magazine, and aside from allowing Cohen to vent (he thought about suing Hugo Lindgren for firing him) it also gave him the space to promote his new radio show that he’s hoping someone will pick up.
The show – titled A Question of Ethics – would be pretty much like you’d expect it to be: People calling-in and asking for advice, which Cohen would then distribute. However, not everyone thinks it’s a great idea:
So the idea of an ethics call-in show isn’t that crazy. The Observer even pitched the show, without mentioning Mr. Cohen’s name, to Heidi Schultz at Public Radio International. Ms. Schultz frequently screens new programs for their viability and called the idea ‘fine,’ or at least good enough not to pass on outright.
Uh, that doesn’t sound like much of an endorsement to us. But maybe that’s because advice columns have always struck us as kind of stupid. Why would anyone want advice from some random person, even if that person writes for the Times? If you desire comments from complete strangers, we suggest hanging out in front of Yankee Stadium after the Bombers lose. There’ll be plenty of people ready to give you their opinions.