Rapid Realty Employees Tattoo Company Logo & Get 15 Percent Raise

This latest headline is a real head scratcher in particular when it comes to employer branding. Check that — employee branding.

Rapid Realty, a New York-based residential real estate brokerage firm, told its 800 employees they would get a 15 percent raise if they got a tattoo with the company’s logo.

The human resources side in us think it’s dicey to leverage employees as a permanent walking billboard in exchange for a bump in commission; the creative marketing side thinks it’s somewhat innovative but most definitely quirky. As for the employee side? Well, you be the judge.

Here’s the kicker: Almost 40 employees took Rapid Realty up on its offer! Their commission was boosted from 25 to 40 percent. And technically, the brokerage firm is getting a whole lot of mileage out of free PR from its policy.

Company founder Anthony Lolli told Inman News, “They wear it like a badge of honor. They get a lot of respect from the other agents with the amount of commitment that they have.”

He added the new tats help brokers close deals because clients “love the fact there’s someone who’s 100 percent dedicated to the business.”

We can only wonder what happens when some of the employees decide to work for a competitor at some point or quit their commission-based gig altogether.  

Brooklyn-based broker Adam Altman begs to differ, as per the company’s YouTube video documenting his tattoo experience: “I don’t see myself going anywhere, and if I have it on my arm, it’ll force me to keep going and working hard. It’s there for life. Rapid for life, yo.”