RD Recap: Politico Reveals Expansion Plans; Changes at Reuters

The latest media hirings and firings.

Politico’s ambitions know no bounds. And pretty soon, the sun will never set on the publication’s empire. Politico CEO Jim VandeHei and editor in chief John Harris announced plans to expand to “every capital of every state and country of consequence by 2020.” The pair continued: “We pump out roughly 3,000 stories, 2,000 pushed news alerts for subscribers and 1,000 reported morning newsletters in an average month. Soon, we will have more people producing political and policy journalism in Washington, Europe and state capitals than any publication in the world.” That is quite a claim and one that they just might be able to pull off. Dust off those resumes, people…

Dustin Volz moves to Reuters, where he’ll cover cyber and surveillance policy in the Washington bureau. He had been a tech policy writer at National Journal… Additionally, Jessica Toonkel is the new media reporter at Reuters. She had been on the publication’s markets team… The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is using freelance editorialists to fill out its editorial page… Vanity Fair gets all podcasty with Little Gold Men, an Oscar-focused effort lead by digital director Mike Hogan, Hollywood editor Katey Rich and Hollywood columnist Richard LawsonRead More

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