RD Roundup: Naomi Klein Joins The Intercept; Ron Klain Joins The Washington Post

Naomi Klein joins The Intercept as a senior correspondent, announced editor in chief Betsy Reed. Klein, who is the author of The Shock Doctrine and No Logo, among other books, will be a senior correspondent whose role will include both written articles and multimedia contributions like podcast commentary. Her beat, as Klein herself described in the announcement, is “covering the shock of the Trump victory and the crisis it has created, and the many ways this is already being exploited for profit at the expense of both people and the planet.”

“Predatory capitalism thrives on crisis,” writes Reed, “and Trump’s rule threatens to plunge the world into a seemingly endless series of political, environmental, and humanitarian disasters. No one is better than Naomi Klein at exposing the hidden agendas of disaster capitalists and their agents in government.”

Klein and Reed previously worked together at The Nation, where Klein has been a contributing editor and Reed executive editor before joining The Intercept.

The Washington Post, meanwhile, adds Ron Klain as a contributing columnist. “Ron’s broad experience in all three branches of government and in the trenches of electoral politics gives him unparalleled insight into how Washington operates. He combines deep substantive knowledge with an unerring ability to see around political and legislative corners,” said deputy editorial page editor Fred Hiatt in a statement.

Klain had previously been former chief of staff to two vice presidents, Joe Biden and Al Gore, as well as President Obama’s Ebola czar during a portion of the 2014-2016 crisis. His writing will focus, naturally, on Washington.