Read All About It at HuffPost Books

NEW YORK The Huffington Post has launched a new books section that will be anchored by an Oprah-esque book club led by CEO and editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington.

Besides book recommendations from Huffington herself, the section features publishing news and community discussion forums, along with advance reviews from the New York Review of Books as part of a content-sharing agreement between the two companies. In addition, HuffPost Books will also regularly feature blog posts from prominent publishing figures and interviews with top authors.

“From the beginning, HuffPost has sought to combine the best of the traditional media with the best of the new media,” said Huffington. “And that’s what we’ve done with Books. For people who love books, and reading, and good writing, HuffPost Books will be the place for them.”

To that end, Huffington has tapped Amy Hertz, editor-at-large at Dutton Books, to serve as the editor of HuffPost Books. The section’s first official book recommendation is scheduled for today.

Delving into books is just the latest in a series of moves initiated by The Huffington Post aimed at broadening its core content focus beyond politics. In the past few years, the site has launched sections devoted to green issues, business, media and even comedy (with the acquisition of 23/6). More recently, the site has rolled out local sections dedicated to New York, Chicago and Denver.

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