Read the New Bloomberg BusinessWeek = Free Shoe Shine

Bloomberg Business Week just relaunched Friday. And the powers that be are feeling generous, which means free shoe shines in four cities (DC, NYC, San Francisco, Chicago) for the next four Monday’s.

In D.C., a free shoe shine can be had at the NYC Acela gate at Union Station Today’s session runs between 7 a.m. and noon. The shine gives readers a chance to flip through the new issue – which is bigger and hopefully better – more stories, more ads, and allegedly better organization and nicer paper, sources say.

If shoe shines aren’t your thing, on Friday you could face the onslaught of Bloomberg BusinessWeek “street teams” who will hand out free issues for the next four weeks. (They won’t likely accost you like those environmentalists with clipboards in Dupont Circle waiting to destroy your day with their bubbly, extreme-enthusiasm: “Hi there!! How are you doing today? Good?! Have a minute for the Environment?”)

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