Reading on iPad: An Editorial, Day 2

As iPad week one rolls along, more reviews and impressions are rolling in, but still nobody seems quite sure what this new device is for. I’m finding myself drawn to do lots of things on it–reading, writing (which is getting easier), gaming (Need for Speed Shift is awesome), and lots of email and surfing. My impressions of the iPad keep changing.

Yesterday, I said I thought I’d keep my Kindle handy. Today I don’t know. As I handle the iPad more, get used to it–it no longer feels so heavy or odd to hold. And it offers so many more reading options. I’ve got most of my eBooks on the Kindle app, but I’ve also got things I’m reading in iBooks and Goodreader. Sadly, though, the Kindle app for iPad does not support my Kindle magazine subscriptions, which now I wonder if I might cancel.

My one worry is staring at a back lit LCD screen so much to read. I did notice my eyes feeling achy the other night. E-Ink does have that papery visual softness. We will see. More soon.