Reading on iPad, An Editorial: I’m a Convert

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After my trip to the AWP conference, I think I'm an iPad convert. My Kindle's gonna get really lonely, its batteries will dwindle to nothing, it will sit beside my Sony Reader, sulking.

The fact is the iPad does A LOT of stuff, and that makes it just better as an multi-purpose, carry-around device. I didn't bring any books on my trip, but I loaded up my iPad with eBooks–on several apps, including iBooks, Kindle, and GoodReader. I had plenty to read.

And when I wasn't reading, I used my iPad as a portable stereo (I loaded it up with music before leaving, and the speaker is plenty loud for a hotel room). I also watched movies and TV shows on it and even streamed Netflix on the plane! And, it turns out, iPad as a decent word-processor–with the Apple branded case that allows you to set your iPad on an incline, typing becomes a lot easier.

Then, of course, there's no E-Ink. I miss its papery appearance, but not that much. No, I think my iPad is my new eReader. And iPod. And TV. And best friend.

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