Real-Time Political Content From Twitter Will Be Searchable via Tagboard Discover

National and local media companies can add the content to their coverage

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Real-time social media content syndication partner Tagboard announced a joint effort with Twitter to help add the social network’s most relevant political content to its offerings in the last few days prior to the midterm elections in the U.S.

Tagboard senior vice president of product Tyler Singletary was looking past Nov. 6, however, saying, “Although we are launching Tagboard Discover to cover the midterm elections, we recognize the need for our hundreds of news, sports and entertainment clients to discover content around relevant topics. Our team plans to continue to build on this offering, surfacing additional topics and other content through our social network partnerships in the near future.”

Media clients using the new Tagboard Discover platform will be able to search for relevant political content on Twitter to incorporate into their coverage, and tweets can be filtered by keywords, as well as by political race, candidate, party affiliation, issue and specific location. Results are updated in real-time.

Tagboard pointed out that Twitter’s application-programming interface currently limits third-party partners to searching by topic.

Twitter revealed earlier this month, as reported by Cat Hofacker of USA Today, that it was teaming up with local broadcasters in several states to livestream debates in races for governor and Senate seats.

National and local media companies including ABC, C-Span, Fox, Meredith NBC, Sinclair Broadcast Group, Tegna and The Washington Post will all have access to Tagboard Discover.

Tagboard incorporated into coverage of a Maine debate by WUSA
Tagboard incorporated into coverage of a Maine debate by WUSA
Tagboard David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.