Reality Star Shallon Lester Gossips About Working At The Daily News And Gatecrasher

Shallon Lester, a former gossip columnist for the Daily News‘ Rush & Molloy and Gatecrasher, is starring, as young attractive New York blondes working in media are wont to do, in a reality series for MTV. Downtown Girl follows Lester’s “real-life exploits,” which apparently includes sharing information (or “dishing,” if you will) about what it was like working as a gossipmonger.

As she told TheFrisky in an interview about the show (which premieres next week), her decision to participate might not sit well with her former co-workers, who were left out of the process in favor of Lester:

Rush & Molloy approached the producers about a reality show about the gossip industry. The production company passed on that but interviewed me as part of the process. They were like, “Oh, we’d rather develop a show about Shallon,” and so we sold it to MTV.

Rumor holds that Lester was ousted from her job at the Daily News precisely for having signed on to do the show without first running it past her bosses at the paper. Nonetheless, Lester says not to expect any petty dramas or “stupid stuff” on the show:

If you don’t say stupid stuff, they’re not going to be able to edit you saying stupid stuff. And I really trust the producers that they’re not trying to make some ruinous television show that wrecks my life.

So… what’s the point? In any case, Lester seems capable of creating controversy without the help or hindrance of reality TV editors. Although she once accused Page Six of being out to “smear” people and “ruin lives,” she admits that she might have practiced less than ethical journalism while working as a gossip reporter:

I have taken quotes and tried to twist some different meaning out of them, wring some sort of scandal out of an interview, because you’re under so much pressure.

Kind of how reality TV producers might.