Really, Is It Safe to Mock the Gods?

What happens when the 12 Olympian gods of Greek mythology tumble to modern-day New York City? That’s the intriguing premise behind O-Cast, a web series that debuted online today.

From the O-Cast web site:

O-Cast is a mockumentary web series created by the twelve Olympian gods of Greek mythology to broadcast their new lives as 20-something New Yorkers. Comedy ensues as they combine forces to convince the mortals of their modern relevance and inspire a new generation of believers.

Shot in high-definition and broadcast in short episodes online, O-Cast merges ancient legend with the power of viral video.

It’s a bit early to tell how much comedy will ensue — there are only two episodes currently available for viewing (on the show’s web site and on its YouTube channel). But it is safe to predict that keeping 13 actors happy — the 12 Olympians and Hestia, a “lesser” god (trouble already!) — in a web series will be a Herculean task. Good luck with that.

Here’s Episode 1…

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