Reason Magazine Hosts ‘Thank You for Vaping’

The folks at Reason magazine sure know how to turn a municipal matter into a good time.

ShutterstockECigarettePer the Eventbrite invite, the outlet will be counting down the final hours before Tuesday’s NYC ban of e-cigarettes in bars, restaurants, clubs and public places with condensation style:

We invite you to taunt the prohibitionists: Listen to prominent critics of e-cig regulation, listen to music from a live DJ and carry on vaping after midnight to flaunt your disregard for the nanny state!

Featuring, at 9.30 pm, Bill Godshall, director of Smoke Free Pennsylvania, in interview with journalist and Willpower co-author John Tierney, followed by Talia Eisenberg, co-founder of the Henley Vaporium. Guest commentators will also include Reason magazine editor-in-chief Matt Welch, along with his co-host of The Independents, Kmele Foster.

Eisenberg’s event bio, by the way, credits her longtime smoking habit in part to formerly being at the helm of Lower East Side collective Heist Gallery. She has become a huge proponent of e-cigarettes, after relying on them to help kick the nicotine habit.

Tick-tock vaping…  At the Museum of Sex’s east-wing club Play… No admission charge… With the additional promise of “plenty of freakers there from the underbelly of Fox”… What more do you want on a Monday!? Be there, or be air.

Update (April 29):
Good turnout. According to ABC News, there were some 300 attendees Monday night, with some gleefully taking up Reason on the vape-after-midnight challenge.

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