Recommended Reading: Maureen Tkacik’s First-Person Account of Journalism’s Implosion

Maureen Tkacik, who has written for outlets as august as The Wall Street Journal and as avowedly un-august as Jezebel, has penned a long, detailed account of her progressive disillusionment with journalism for the cover of the May/June issue of the Columbia Journalism Review.

Tkacik cites factors as broad as capitalism’s apparent dependence on the creation of artificial demand for worthless crap — and as specific as that April New York Times story on up-and-coming gossip bloggers.

We encourage everyone to read it, with a caution for journalists on deadline. File before you click the link, for two reasons: 1) it is a long and engrossing read; and 2) it may spark existential crisis – induced writer’s block.

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