Recruiters Are Still Figuring Out Twitter

According to a new survey by applicant tracking system maker Bullhorn, recruiters spend by far the most time on LinkedIn, with Facebook and Twitter usage trailing far behind.

TechCrunch reports that the Bullhorn survey found that recruiters have an average of 616 friends on LinkedIn, more than twice the friends they have on Facebook (245) and blowing away the average 37 friends on Twitter.

Only one percent of recruiters use *only* Twitter as a social recruiting network, versus the 48% that focus on LinkedIn exclusively. But a decent 21% use all three main networks.

But! The survey also looked at how many people view a job that recruiters post to one of the main three social networks, and found that jobs posted to LinkedIn get far more views than those posted to Twitter or Facebook. That may account for the lower usage of Twitter and Facebook, but it also means less competition for the savvy jobseeker.

As a reminder, we post jobs (almost) daily to our Twitter account, so if you’re not following us but are in the market, consider it!

The report looked at the social networks of more than 35,000 recruiters.