Recruiters And Twitter [REPORT]

Using its Social Insights technology to analyze data from Twitter, B2B social marketing agency LeadTail recently came out with a report on “How Recruiters Engage on Twitter.”

The study pulls from more than 170,000 tweets of 557 U.S.-based corporate and agency recruiters in the period of June–August 2013.

Findings include everything from the top 25 most mentioned people and brands in the recruiting space on Twitter, the types of content they engage with most, and more.

The top three ways recruiters post to Twitter are via, the tweet button on other sites, and LinkedIn (the latter beats out Twitter mobile!).

Here are the sources recruiters pull from most for content to tweet about:

Which publishers do recruiters tweet about most?

What about people? Here are the individuals that recruiters retweet the most:

Major takeaways from the LeadTail recruiters and Twitter report:

– Recruiters share more than just job postings on Twitter, tweeting content related to business, leadership, branding, and strategy
– Other than Twitter, LinkedIn is by far the most popular social network for recruiters, with 53% of those surveyed being active on that network
– Recruiters actively engage on Twitter with thought leaders, be they publications, vendors, or individuals

Download the full report from LeadTail.

(Source: LeadTail. “Choosing the talent person for hiring” image via Shutterstock.)