Recruiting Bloggers To Patch Will Be ‘A Lifestyle’ For Editors

Patch’s push earlier this year to add 8,000 unpaid bloggers across the network has been successful, editor Brian Farnham told Anna Tarkov, writing at the Knight Digital Media Center.

In fact, Farnham says, Patch has asked its site editors to recruit another 8,000 bloggers by this fall. Since many of the bloggers who were recruited don’t post consistently, recruiting new bloggers will become a lifestyle for Patch editors. he said.

Tarkov says she checked in with four random Patch sites, including one in Northbrook, Ill., where the local editor said that finding bloggers has been a “challenge” but those who have emerged “seem excited about writing on the site.” Collectively, though, the four Patch sites averaged less than one blog post per day.

” Writing consistently and reliably is difficult to expect from those who may have other jobs and responsibilities and it often requires a lot of hand-holding and by all accounts, Patch editors don’t have that kind of time,” Tarkov says.

Whether editors have that time or not, it does appear that blogging is going to be an important part of Patch’s long-term strategy.

If there is one. With last week’s announcement that parent company AOL is fielding bids from private equity firms, Patch, which is extraordinarily expensive compared to the Huffington Post, seems like a vulnerable target.