RED Becomes A Major Player In Hollywood

Your humble Fishie has a new piece in the LA Times Magazine about the RED camera company and its recent ascendancy in Hollywood. RED just debuted a new 5k resolution digital camera called Epic, which stands poised to capture a HUGE market share of Hollywood’s growing 3-D phenomenon.

Here’s a taste:

The Epic will make its feature debut in the latest Spider-Man reboot—a Sony film. Sony, if you haven’t heard, happens to make a camera or two itself. Amazing Spider-Man director of photography John Schwartzman, ASC, says using a non-Sony camera for a Sony franchise blockbuster was virtually unheard of—but necessity dictated the use of the Epic. “I love film,” he says. “But if you’re shooting 3-D, you have to shoot digital.”

The reasons are simple: 2-D retrofitting—shooting on film and then converting to 3-D—has earned a horrible reputation with the moviegoing public, which considers it a cynical ploy to extract more of their cash. Shooting in 3-D, however, requires twin-mounted cameras. Traditional film cameras are often considered too heavy and bulky to mount side by side and still pull off the elaborate crane, handheld and tight-space shots expected of any visually intensive 21st-century blockbuster.

The only camera that could pull off those shots in cinema-quality 3-D was RED’s Epic.

Nice to see an American company besides Apple actually building something–other than shady financial schemes.

A side note: the original piece wrongly put the company’s origins in Lakewood instead of Lake Forrest. I’ve been in LA nearly five years now, but the geography of the region south of the 105 continues to baffle me. Sorry to all about that.

That said, go read the piece anyway, youz guys.