Red Bull Stashes Free Energy Shots In Your City, And It’s Up To You To find Them

Red Bull is thanking its Facebook fans for pushing the brand past the 1 million followers mark by hiding free packages of Red Bull Energy Shots across the country and offering them up in a nationwide scavenger hunt. The result appears to be more fans:  Red Bull’s fan page currently has 1.4 million followers, and it’s gaining daily at a steady clip of at least a few thousand new fans a day.

Facebook users can enter their respective zip codes into the Red Bull Stash application on the Red Bull fan page to find clues to the nearest locations of the hidden freebies. Codes on the free packages can be entered into the application to let other scavengers know that those particular stashes have been claimed.

There’s also a section for the lucky discoverers to add pictures of their prizes, and quite a few fans have already laid claim to many of the free packages. One super fan seems to have made it a personal mission to collect as many stashes as possible.

A graphic in the application claims that only about 20% of the free packages have been stashed, so there’s still plenty of Red Bull waiting out there somewhere. This approach to dispersing free goods is certainly different from some of the other promotions we’ve seen recently, but it seems like a great interactive slant that should get people involved.

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