Red Medicine Owner Cooks Up Another Questionable Internet Diss

Thanks to a certain Beverly Hills eatery, it may be appropriate to tweak that famous David HannumP.T. Barnum saying. In this case, it’s more like – “There’s an appetizer born every minute.”

We suggest this Seinfeld-ian edit after reading AP reporter John Rogerssummary of the fallout that followed the recent Twitter outreach of Red Medicine co-owner Noah Ellis. Calling out customers who fail to make good on a busy-time reservation is not quite as risky as flushing out an award-winning restaurant critic on your official website. Still, it has us trying to decide whether Ellis is a marketing genius or simply off his bamboo steamer:

One Beverly Hills restaurant owner decided enough was enough, taking to Twitter to publicly call out those who skipped out on their reservations on a recent busy Saturday.

“I hope you enjoyed your GF’s B-day and the flowers that you didn’t bring when you no-showed for your 8:15 res.,” read one tweet.

Ellis got some angry Twitter replies. Also, more comically, Rogers reports that several one-star reviews immediately were added to Red Medicine’s Yelp page. Read his full report here.

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