Reddit Works Together to Draft the “Free Internet Act”

The waves of the Reddit sea have grown tumultuous as Internet privacy laws like SOPA have threatened to derange the treasured free speech of the web.  Reddit, a staunch critic of any move to restrict freedom, have drafted a crowd-sourced privacy bill that would protect web user’s rights.

The pages are called the “Free Internet Act” (FIA) and have been worked on together by the users of Reddit.  The plan is to submit it on April 1 to the European Commission.  The folks at Reddit are using Google Docs to co-edit the document.

To organize themselves, the Redditors interested in the bill have created a FIA forum (or ‘subreddit’ as they are known) where users are working together to ensure that, as stated in Article I of FIA, “The Federal or State Governments shall not impose or administer any kind of censorship on the Internet, except in the situations detailed in Section C.”  Section C then lists a few areas where censorship is permitted, specifically child pornography, scams and illegal financial pages and anything depicting abuse.

Certainly, the work is still in progress, and if you look at the Google Doc itself, you can see the commenters discussing the article on the side as they edit.  It’s a pretty lively document, in fact, and as I was reading the act there were 31 other viewers looking at the document too.

Image: imageegami via Shutterstock

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