ReelDirector: The Video Editor Apple Should Have Included with the iPhone 3GS

YouTube video courtesy of nexvlo

When I first learned that the iPhone 3GS could record videos and had some kind of video editor, I was very excited in thinking it might have a simple video editor somewhat in the line of Microsoft’s Movie Maker – simple but functional. I was disappointed to see the 3GS’ video editing consisted of the single feature to trip a clip. If you look at the video demo embedded above, I think you will agree that…

ReelDirector 1.0

…looks like the video editing app Apple should have included with every 3GS. This $7.99 app for the iPhone 3GS can stitch video clips together, provide transitions between those clips, edit and rearrange clips, and add titles and credits.

I don’t qualify for a subsidized iPhone 3GS upgrade from my 3G. So, I’ll probably skip the 3G and wait for whatever Apple releases in the summer of 2010. And, when they do, ReelDirector will probably be high in the list of apps I need to buy after upgrading my iPhone.

Via Oh Gizmo!: ReelDirector App Adds Surprisingly Capable Video Editing To The iPhone 3GS