Reminder: Don’t Pay For A Job

We haven’t heard from Nick “Ask The Headhunter” Corcodilos in a while, but he’s just popped up on Canada’s CBC TV talking about job search scams.

Red flags, he says, in the below video, include asking for a bunch of money up front (good job consultants charge by the hour), asking you to bring your significant other (so they can use high-pressure sales tactics on both of you at the same time), and trying to make you feel unique.

And a reminder, he says, unless you’re in a very unusual circumstance, “never, ever pay anyone a dime to find you a job.”

Check out the video below. The full episode also features a sting operation for a Toronto-based job search marketing firm that broke a number of promises to clients who paid thousands. Yikes. You can also check out Nick’s blog post for ripoff-avoidance tips.

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