Remote Shutter-Camera Live Preview: Remote Control iOS Photo Taking

There’s been a number of iPhone apps that let you remotely control the camera in another iOS device. This was something of a novelty when the camera-less iPad 1 became available in 2010. There is, however, a good use case that this app may deal with effectively: Include yourself in a photo recorded on one iOS device (say an iPhone) and framed in a remote preview mode on another device (another iPhone or iPad).

Remote Shutter – Camera Live Preview

This free app for the iPhone and iPad lives up to the first half of its name in its free form. You can tap the Bluetooth icon on one and accepting the invitation to link up on the other. The process is painless and seems bullet proof. This was not true of early two-device camera apps I’ve tried.

You cannot, however, actually preview the scene on a connected device using the free version of the app. You need to make a $2.99 in-app purchase of the “Full Fetures” (sic) option. The optional in-app purchase also adds a simple “len(s) filter”, provides the ability to take photos in a continuous mode, and removes advertisements.

Although I could not preview the image from the remote iOS device I was able to verify that the photo I “snapped” on my iPad did indeed come from the remote iPhone 4 which actually recorded the photo. The app works as advertised.

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