Facebook Pages Can Now Sort Their Likes to Remove Pages and Unban Reformed Trolls

When Facebook Page admins click the Like count beneath their Page’s profile picture, they’ll now see the option to sort those who Like their brand into people, Pages, admins and banned users. From this interface, admins can remove Pages they don’t want to be affiliated with, and unban users who they want to return wall posting privileges to.

As part of the February 2011 Facebook Page redesign, Facebook began allowing Pages to Like other Pages. The new sort ability makes it easy for Pages to see which other Pages Like them, opening opportunities for alliances where Pages link to each other.

However, the ability for Pages to Like other Pages opened an avenue for abuse. Malicious Pages hosting objectionable content could Like innocent Pages and display them in their Featured Likes section, thereby defaming those innocent Page by purporting a connection between the two. Smaller innocent Pages wouldn’t have a problem finding the objectionable Page in the list of those who Like it, but larger Pages would have to manually sift through thousands or even millions of Likes to find the offensive Page and remove it.

Now, admins of larger Pages can sort out all users and just see the Pages that Like them, making it easier to discover and remove offensive Pages.

The ability to sort for banned users gives Page admins the ability to give those who posted objectionable content to their walls a second chance. It appears that previously there was no way to unban users, effectively making all bans permanent. Now, if a user posted something they thought was legitimate but one of a Page’s admins took offense and banned them, another admin could undo this. Another example would be if a user’s account was hijacked and used to spread spam, a Page admin could unban them after they regained control of their account.

By giving Page admins more flexibility as to how they handle moderation, Facebook is becoming a safer place for brands to set up shop and purchase ads.

[Thanks to Amit Lavi for the tip.]

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