Rep. Fudge Inspires Headline Confusion

Hot off the presses from Akron, Ohio…

A reader writes in that he was initially confused this morning while reading his hometown newspaper, the Akron Beacon Journal. In it is a regional roundup of briefs. This being the Akron Beacon Journal, where sunflower displays are as likely to be found in the news section as budget cuts, he was surprised to see the headline “Fudge commended” in a section typically devoted to crime. Just below “Fudge commended” is “Relative arrested” about a woman accused of stealing jewels from a relative. Below that: “Three men robbed” and “Man stabbed.” The brief was not crime related. Rather, it was about how the Akron City Council commended Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio) this week for opening up an Akron office.

“I burst out laughing,” the reader wrote. “When I scanned the section where crimes are usually posted, and the first thing is ‘Fudge commended’ I figured they were talking about like a fudge award. Or a good fudge. They put her basically in the criminal section.”

We wrote Fudge’s spokeswoman Belinda Prinz for comment on how prevalent fudge jokes are as in pertains to constituents and press. We’ll report back should Prinz have a response. UPDATE: Prinz got back to us about 30 minutes ago (I’ve been conducting an interview or this would’ve posted sooner.) Her response: “The topic of her name does not come up often, by either the media or constituents.  When it does, it’s generally been in good humor. Congresswoman Fudge is a good sport and she appreciates tasteful humor as much as anyone.”


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