Report: Android Accounts for 74% of Installs for Apps Made With Unity

Unity Technologies has released its 'By the Numbers' report, analyzing current trends in the mobile gaming landscape.

Unity Technologies has released its ‘By the Numbers’ report, analyzing mobile gaming trends, installations and more, in an effort to help developers better understand the current gaming landscape and player behavior.

According to the report, between April 1, 2015 and July 31, 2015, over 174,000 unique games or apps made with the Unity development platform generated almost 2.5 billion installs across over 1.1 billion unique devices (both smartphones and tablets). On average, this works out to around nine million new devices reached every day, and almost 20 million installs every day.

Unity By the Numbers

On a global scale, 74 percent of all mobile app installs were made on Android devices, with 17 percent on iOS devices. During the period, Samsung and Apple were found to be the most popular device manufacturers, together accounting for 54 percent of mobile app installs.

While the report found Samsung was the most popular Android device manufacturer, accounting for 37 percent of all Android devices, the large number of Android devices resulted in the most popular Android device, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.7, only accounting for three percent of all Android devices during the period.

In terms of iOS, the report showed Apple is responsible for the two most popular smartphones in the Unity data pool: the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 5s. Each accounted for 23 percent of iOS app installs, with only nine percent of installs taking place on the iPhone 6 Plus. This larger smartphone came in behind older devices, including the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S, which accounted for 14 percent and 13 percent of iOS app installs during the period, respectively.

Unity By the Numbers iOS

Breaking installations down by country, the report found 54 percent of all iOS installations occurred in three countries: the U.S., China and Japan. In comparison, Android’s top three countries (China, the U.S. and Brazil) accounted for 40 percent of total Android installs.

In a statement, John Cheng, general manager of Unity Analytics, commented:

The mobile gaming industry continues to grow with an unprecedented number of games downloaded by device owners, and Unity is humbled to be a leading driver of that revolution. The analytics we present in this report turn millions of daily install events into meaningful, actionable data that provides a snapshot of the state of the industry.

Unity’s complete ‘By the Numbers’ report is available here.

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