REPORT: Facebook Posts Are Best On Thursday

Thursdays are the best day for wall posts, according to a report by Buddy Media, contrasting numerous prior reports that have indicated Tuesdays, Wednesdays and weekends as best days.

Posts made on Thursdays and Fridays receive the highest user engagement made throughout the week, according to Buddy Media.

Buddy Media arrived at this conclusion after a two-week analysis of 200 clients including Target, Samsung and Zappos.

While the report offers great guideline data, we cannot help but question the validity of the day ranking over so short a test period — plus, we’d prefer to see a larger sample size than 200 clients. Two weeks of testing means Buddy Media only charted engagement over two Thursdays – is this truly a long enough period to establish a trend? Past reports have shown Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and even the weekend as the best days of the week to post.

However, days with the highest engagement vary by industry. For example, the media industry’s highest fan engagement day is Saturday, followed closely by Sunday, with a huge dip in engagement on Mondays. In the business and finance industry, Wednesday receives the highest engagement, with a gradual downswing Friday-Sunday.

Besides charting the days of the week with the most engagement, Buddy Media also reveals the characteristics of posts that receive the most engagement. Short posts, those with 80 characters or less, have 27 percent higher engagement rates than their longer counterparts. However, a seeming contradiction: full-length web addresses in posts have three times the engagement rate as shortened URLs.

Facebook users apparently follow directions well. While no statistical data is provided in the report, Buddy Media attests that directly asking your fan base to like a post results in them doing just that. Suggested language to use in posts includes words like submit, comment, click, visit and tell us.

But, Facebook users are also picky when it comes to promotional keywords. Buddy media recommends using softer sell keywords like events and winning instead of contest or promotion. Other hard-sell terms like free shipping, store and save also saw a drop in fan engagement.

Posts ending with a question mark showed 15 percent higher engagement over posts that did not.can inspire engagement, and Buddy recommends asking where, when, would and should questions instead of why.

What days of the week do you most often comment or like posts on Facebook?