Report: How Are Smartphones Sweeping Through Europe?

There's about 1.5 smart devices for every man, woman and child in Sweden and the Spanish spend nearly 40% of their time on social and messaging apps.

The mobile revolution has given birth to a generation of mobile addicts. According to Flurry, the mobile optimization and personalization platform from Yahoo, the revolution is being led by Europe with several countries reaching full saturation.

Flurry analyzed data collected from more than 725,000 apps and 564 million mobile devices it tracks across Europe, with a focus on the top 10 countries in terms of population.

According to the report, smart device penetration is highest in the north with Sweden at 150 percent, the Netherlands at 136 percent and the U.K. at 130 percent.


In keeping with the global trend, phablets (mobile devices between 5 and 6.9 inches) are growing in popularity in Europe. Spain is leading the phablet trend in Europe with nearly 40 percent of smart device users opting for devices small enough to fit into their pockets but big enough for reading and other entertainment.


When it came to how people were spending their time on mobile devices, the British and French spend nearly 40 percent of their app time on social and messaging apps, according to the report. Italians, which had the lowest overall smart device penetration among the western nations included in report, spend the least amount of time on messaging and social apps.

Among Germans, Spanish and Italians, nearly one-third of their time is spent on gaming apps. Italians also seem to like their utility apps, which account for 18 percent of app time. Across the continent, music, media and entertainment apps account for about 10 percent of app time.


Check out the full report for more data.

Top image courtesy of Shutterstock.