Report: JamLegend Talent Hired By Zynga

TechCrunch reports that Zynga hired the talent behind Czech Republic developer JamLegend, which just announced today that it would be shutting down to “move on to new ventures.”

JamLegend is part Guitar Hero music game and part online music community where players could upload MP3s to the service, which would note-track the songs for a playable experience via keyboard or guitar controller peripheral. Some premium options were available to users for in-game currency; JamLegend’s farewell blog posts says refunds are on the way for users that purchased currency with direct payment methods (PayPal, mobile, or credit card). The startup was founded three years ago by Ryan Wilson, Arjun Lall, and Andrew Lee and claims a user base of 2 million. Its Facebook application broke 85,000 monthly active users in February, according to our social game traffic tracking service, AppData.

Zynga hasn’t responded to request for comment on the report at time of press, but we know this isn’t the company’s first talent acquisition of a music game developer. Last August, Zynga bought Music Pets developer Conduit and turned them into Zynga Boston, which also added Floodgate Entertainment talent to its ranks last month. So far, Zynga hasn’t made any moves toward the music game space and we’re not sure the company ever will given the sharp decline of the music gaming genre over the last year.

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