Report: Majority Of Facebook Users Spending More Time On Site

According to an eMarketer report published yesterday, between Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace users, Facebook users are most likely to return to the site with an increasing frequency over time. The numbers are representative of Facebook’s ability to pull users into the site and also paint a bleak picture of MySpace where most users are either using the site the same amount or less than six months ago.

While the numbers are not exactly surprising, it emphasizes the power of the network effect, under which the more people that join Facebook, the more sticky the site becomes. Users also tend to use the platform increasingly. Twitter on the other hand, is relatively sticky as users are returning to the site at least the same amount as they were 6 months ago, however it’s not currently as sticky as Facebook.

The information may be skewed however as Twitter has a “nine month bounce“. Statistics suggest that users fall of the site for a period of nine months, however they become an active user as the site grows on them over a period of nine months, at which point they become fully engaged.

Essentially the report doesn’t reveal any surprising data, but it’s yet again more positive data to support the fact that Facebook is continuously growing thanks to the site’s ability to retain users.

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