Report: Mobile App Installs Increase 346% Year-Over-Year

A new report from Kenshoo highlights important metrics for mobile app marketers.

Marketing company Kenshoo has released its Mobile App Advertising Trends Report for Q2 2015, which provides benchmarks on mobile app metrics to help app marketers make the most of their advertising campaigns.

The report found mobile app installs increased 346 percent since Q2 2014. The cost per install (CPI) on iOS is still higher than that on Android, but Kenshoo said the increase in new apps and advertisers has narrowed the gap between the two platforms, specifically starting in Q1 2015. The report showed overall CPI decreased 12 percent year-over-year, with consumer apps, like transportation or finance apps, having a lower CPI than gaming and ‘other’ app types.

Kenshoo Q2 2015 Cost Per Install

The report showed the click-through rate (CTR) gap between Android and iOS-targeted ads has also narrowed so far in 2015, with Android having a slight advantage. Specifically, the CTR for consumer apps is higher than that of gaming or ‘other’ app categories.

When users click on a social ad for a mobile app, the report found ‘just under’ one in three of those clicks turn into an app install. Unlike the CTR rate, the click-to-install rate is higher for gaming apps than all other app types, and lowest for consumer apps.

In a statement, Chris Costello, director of marketing research for Kenshoo, commented:

Marketers have jumped into mobile app marketing with both feet, substantially boosting spend. The dramatic increase in total app installs is great to see, and as bidding algorithms focus more on those types of conversions, it will give app marketers plenty of room to improve. Increasing competition is another big part of the story; so marketers should continue refining their targeting strategies, optimizing toward campaign-specific KPIs and utilizing new ad inventories as they emerge.

Kenshoo’s full report is available here.

Top image courtesy of Shutterstock.