Report: Mobile Gamers Spend Money Faster Than Web Gamers

New data from Optimove compares the habits of social casino game players across mobile devices and the Web.

Retention automation platform Optimove has released new data detailing the habits of social casino game players across the Web and mobile devices. Optimove found that players prefer to play on just one platform, with 96 percent of social casino gamers playing games on a single platform (either the Web or mobile) and only four percent playing on multiple platforms. Of those ‘single platform’ players, 65 percent prefer mobile to the Web.

Optimove’s data found mobile players progress faster across all measured metrics. For one, mobile players were shown to convert into paying customers 1.9 times faster than Web players. Specifically, the average time to the first payment on mobile is 30 days (with a median of eight days), while the average time to the first conversion for Web players is 52 days (with a median of 21 days).

Mobile gamers were also shown to play games more often, with 1.6 times more ‘game play days’ than Web players. To be specific, mobile players will play a social casino game every 4.2 days, on average, while Web players will play a social casino game every 6.7 days, on average. For each of these game play days, mobile players will start 1.4 times more game sessions than Web players.

When looking at the four percent of gamers who play on both the Web and mobile, Optimove’s data showed the percentage of players who converted to paying customers is 3.9 times higher for multi-platform players than for single-platform players. These multi-platform users were also shown to be 20 percent more likely to ever make a second purchase. Finally, payments made by multi-platform players were found to be 10 percent higher, on average, than those made by single-platform players.

Check out Optimove’s infographic below for more.

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Optimove Social Casino Gaming Infographic

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