Report: MSNBC, E! Among Top U.S. Television Networks on Facebook and Twitter

Broadcast news networks are popular on Facebook while entertainment networks are more popular on Twitter.

The rise of streaming services in recent years has often opened the discussion about the future of television. However, as networks get more savvy about social media, and traditional industries adapt to the new digital medium, we begin to see a kind of symbiosis. A new report from technology and data company Engagement Labs examines the top 50 broadcast networks based on their eValue social score.

According to an Engagement Labs statement:

Social media has become an essential part of the broadcast television experience. Networks use social media to keep their audiences informed on programming and brands are increasingly looking to networks to offer social media integration as added-value with their TV buys.

The top five networks, based on their eValue score, for Facebook were:

  1. MSNBC
  2. Fox News
  3. CNN
  4. Fox Business
  5. HLN

It’s unsurprising that news networks would reach the top, given that Facebook is one of the primary sources of news for many demographics. News channels especially have learned that interacting with viewers on social during broadcasts is a great way to keep audiences engaged with broadcast content.

According to Engagement Labs:

Seven of the top ten networks all cater to news content and leverage on-air content through their Facebook channels where their audience can then interact with shares, likes and comments.

Twitter’s top five were appropriately more focused on entertainment:

  1. E!
  2. NBC Sports
  3. Oxygen
  4. Logo
  5. FOX Sports 1

It’s not surprising that Twitter users would favor sports programming, since its short0form nature seems well suited for the discussion of live sporting events. The 2014 World Cup is a great case in point. Serial programming, such as reality and scripted TV, also seem to fare very well on Twitter.

Regardless of a viewer’s social network of choice, broadcasters have learned to leverage the power of social media to keep their audiences engaged — and their tactics have been working.

Engagement Labs CEO Bryan Segal said:

Networks – particularly those with content available On-Demand or via streaming services – are using social media to cultivate their relationship with current viewers, as well as grow their audience through social word-of-mouth […]For ad buyers, sometimes a smaller-but-loyal audience can be even more attractive than a show with the highest ratings and social can help identify these engaged audiences.

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