Report: News Consumers Only Spend 2.5% of Time Watching Video

Reading is better than watching.

When it comes to news, the general public still prefers the ol’ written word. That’s according to a study from the Reuters Institute of Journalism, which studied Chartbeat stats from 30 online news outlets across the globe.

The researchers found that the sites’ visitors spent just 2.5 percent of their time with video, compared to 97.5 percent of their time with text. Also, about 75 percent of respondents said they “only occasionally” or “never” watch news videos.

Interestingly, the report—The Future of Online News Video—showed that when a big story breaks, news videos’ audience get a big boost. In the wake of the November 2015 Paris attacks, the report explained that the percentage of users watching video more than doubled immediately afterward.

The study also showed what most people suspect — off-site videos of softer subjects, like two people trying to make a watermelon explode, still perform well. It’s just that for news, people overwhelmingly prefer reading to watching.

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