Report Shows that ‘The Daily’ Has Some Ways to Go Before Finding its Audience

The media research firm knowDigital has released the results of a study on early users of Rupert Murdoch’s tablet newspaper, The Daily.

knowDigital found that the readership was clearly divided into 2 usergroups. One were heavy news readers, and the other were light news readers. The first group were less pleased with The Daily because they were used to finding better stories written in greater detail, while the second liked having a variety of stories gathered and brought to them.

This report is a pretty good summary of all the articles written about the Daily in the past month, and it adds a fair amount of depth and nuance that I hadn’t seen elsewhere. But it also raises doubts as to whether The Daily will survive. It’s not in the same niche as blogs, but it does share a niche with apps like Flipboard and Zite. All its competitors are free, and that’s going to make it hard to convince people to pay for The Daily.


image by Erik van Roekel