Report: Your Facebook Stalkers May Be Crazed

Natasha Murashev is the author of, a digital publication focused on applied psychology.
Although there is no Facebook application that can tell you who exactly is looking at your Facebook profile, you can just about guarantee your Facebook stalkers are emotionally charged. According to recently published research by University of Missouri Professor Kevin Wise, Facebook users look at profiles of “friends” they either really love or really hate. So yes, all those jealous people you’re showing off your iPad to today will surely be reading your wall posts.

The research study suggests Facebook users tend to spend approximately an equal amount of time “social browsing” as “social searching” on Facebook. Social browsing refers to common Facebook activities such as looking at the newsfeed or general lists of your Facebook friend’s photo albums, groups, applications, or events. Social searching refers to essentially stalking a specific “friend” by reading all their wallposts, looking at all their pictures, and reading all their notes for example. University of Missouri Professor Kevin Wise monitored participant’s emotional reactions as they used Facebook. Wise found that Facebook users have a stronger emotional reaction, either pleasant or unpleasant, when social searching than when social browsing.

When I had a fight with a friend before Facebook, I would put on my Walkman headphones in the car ride home from school so I wouldn’t have to talk to my parents, then I would angrily storm upstairs to my room and call my other friend to complain and seek some kind of empathy. Has Facebook stalking become the new way of dealing with anger toward a friend? When I liked somebody before Facebook, I would listen to some corny music, then call a good friend, and we would devise plans for how to make him like me back. Has Facebook stalking become the new way of dealing with an impossible crush? Is this healthy?

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