Reporter Antics Involving Kim Kardashian

Roll Call‘s John Stanton issued a challenge to Agence France-Presse‘s Olivier Knox this past weekend to get a certain celeb into the lede of his story about Aremenian Remembrance Day.

Stanton: @OKnox now let’s see you get @kimkardashian into a lede for afp.

Knox: @bigjohnrc Unlikely. I could get her into the story, but not the lede.

Olivier sent this message out via Twitter in which he cc’d Kardashian: “Pres Obama statement on Armenian Remembrance Day omits word ‘genocide.’ Cc: @kimkardashian”

No luck. Kardashian blew off Knox. But she gave a shout-out to Armenian Remembrance Day, saying, “U can’t know where your going until u recognize where you’ve been. Help us recognize the Armenian Genocide April 24, 1915.” Phew. Good thing that was yesterday. Today she’s busy showing off behind-the-scene photographs like the one above from her UK Cosmo photo shoot.

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