Reporter Feels the Need for Speed

Reuters‘ Sam Youngman is known for keeping his followers up to speed on all of his latest travels as he criss-crosses the country covering the conservative contests. Today, we got an interesting email from Brad Woodhouse, communications director for the DNC, that took one of Youngman’s tweets to imply that Mitt Romney had committed yet another one of his trademark gaffes regarding his wealth and social standing. The Woodhouse email has the heading of “You know, this guy just can’t help himself” and includes this tweet from Youngman:

Woodhouse says that he hopes there is video of the comment for their next “out of touch” ad. We reached out to Youngman to get his thoughts on his tweet being used by the DNC. He tells FishbowlDC, “Welcome to the new campaign. I didn’t think this was an out-of-touch moment. Seemed like a joke to me. But I report, and both sides react. Not all that different than when they send our clips around. I welcome all followers. Frankly, I was surprised to discover I have followers who aren’t pornbots or Kentucky basketball fans.”

On top of all that excitement, Youngman also reported on Twitter that he had a run-in with the law last night…

Moments later, a triumphant Youngman announced that he was let off with a warning.  Considering all of the travel he has under his belt, he’s either an incredibly safe driver, or one lucky SOB. We asked his secret for dodging the ticket and he tells us, “I gotta give him credit. He’s the first to catch me, and I’m pretty sure I’ve set new land-speed records in the other early states.”

So, if you see Youngman out on the campaign trail, make sure to tell him to “SLOW DOWN!”