Reppler Helps Facebook Users Save Face

Startup Reppler monitors Facebook with a view toward protecting your reputation.

When we first got the press release from Reppler about a week ago, we presumed it was a clone of and Socioclean.

Okay, it’s not. The best way to convey that is watching the video about Reppler embeded at the bottom of this post.

Reppler, founded by Vlad Gorelik in Palo Alto, California, continuously tracks and monitors users’ social-networking reputations. Specifically, the service is designed to manage the content, privacy and security of a Facebook profile and to help the individual control his or her online presence.

In addition to analyzing the language that appears in a profile (whether written by the user or another person) to determine the overall tone as positive, neutral or negative, the service also scours the profile to search for content of questionable appropriateness. Users will be alerted to any potentially harmful comments that were posted to their profile walls or any unsavory, wild photos in which they were unknowingly tagged.

In terms of privacy, the service informs users of public information that should be made private to prevent hacking. Security-wise, Reppler alerts users to any suspicious links in their profiles that may put them at risk for malware and phishing scams.

Before starting up Reppler, Gorelik was vice president of cloud services at the security software company AVG. First-round Reppler funding was secured from Norwest Venture Partners as well as angel investor Don Listwin.

Reppler is currently free and can be accessed through Facebook or the company’s own website. In future, Reppler plans to expand its support to include other social networks, namely LinkedIn and Twitter (@repplerfx). We’re wondering what the future revenue model will look like.

Readers, do you think profiles cleaned up by a third party distort people’s personalities for better or worse?

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