Republicans & Democrats Duke It Out Over Elena Kagan On YouTube

The political debate over Solicitor General Elena Kagan’s Supreme Court nomination has gone beyond CNN, ABC and, MSNBC and is going virtual on YouTube. Today, both the Republicans and Democrats uploaded videos to their respective YouTube channels touting their opinions about the possible new Justice-to-be in a YouTube political battle.

Republicans threw the first punch when they uploaded a video earlier today of Republican Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama dumping on Kagan. He points out the fact that Kagan has never been a judge, has only practiced law for about two years in her career and has a weak background. He says that while Kagan is not disqualified, her background is clearly thing and he reiterates that this is confirmation process and not a coronation.

Later in the day, Democrats responded by uploading their own video to YouTube. The video features Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, defending Kagan’s experience on the Senate floor. He says, “Let’s stop having judges on the Supreme Court. I wanted someone who had not worn the robe, someone that had a little common sense, set apart from the Supreme Court.”

YouTube has become a big player in politics in the last several years, with YouTube debates becoming a major part of political elections and political news and speeches being uploaded on a regular basis. Do you think YouTube is the appropriate platform for Republicans and Democrats to debate about the Supreme Court nomination? Do you think that YouTube will become more or less a part of politics in the future?