reQall Todo Manager Comes To Android

My ongoing quest for the perfect todo app has lead me to a new entry in the Android Market, the beta release of the reQall Android app. What sets reQall for Android apart from other todo apps is that it is optimized for voice to text input and it automatically assigns your location to the tasks that you entered, which it can then use for context filtering. reQall is a combination mobile client application and web service, so what you enter in reQall is stored on the Internet and accessible from a web browser. There are app versions of reQall for the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android smartphones, and integration with several applications such as Outlook, Google Calendar, and Evernote.

To use reQall for Android you first need to set up an account on the reQall web site. I recommend first setting up your account using a desktop web browser. reQall has free (Standard) and premium (Pro) versions, and when you first set up an account you get 15 days of use with the Pro version. The location based features of reQall are only available with the Pro version, as is integration with Evernote and direct integration with Google Calendar and Outlook. Fortunately, at $24.99 per year, reQall is not too expensive.

When you first start reQall you are prompted to enter a user id and password, and you will then see the Home screen shown below, from which you can enter new items or see the items that you entered. Tap the Hear and Now button on the home screen to see the items assigned to your current location. reQall will automatically display a notification of the tasks assigned to a location when it detects that you are at that location.

Image courtesy of reQall

To enter a new item tap the Add An Item field at the top of the screen, which presents the item entry page with two tabs: Add By Text and Add By Voice. Tap Add By Voice to enter an item using Android’s speech to text capabilities. After Android translates what you say it is displayed in the Details page, where you can then assign a Due Date and a Location. You will notice that some of the items on the Details page you cannot change and that is because reQall automatically sets those items.

In addition to speech to text, reQall also scans what is entered for certain keywords and sets the properties accordingly. For example, when I say “go to best buy tomorrow and look for a vga adapter for the ipad” reqall automatically assigns the Due Date to tomorrow and sets the Category to Shopping List. In this example, “buy” is a keyword that reqall recognizes and assigns the item to the Shopping List category. There are a number of different keywords that reQall looks for in the items that you enter.

As you can see, reQall is a powerful application for entering and organizing todo items as well as other pieces of information. I have not had time to try the Evernote integration, but you can be sure that it is high on my list. You will find the reQall for Android beta app in the Android Market.

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